The Chin Surgery

The chin implantation procedure involves the placement of a prefabricated implant that is made of biologically inert material such as Silastic or Gore-Tex over the bone of the chin. The procedure is performed through a small incision just under the chin. Chin implantation can be done alone, or it may be combined with other facial plastic procedures to enhance the facial profile (i.e., facelift, rhinoplasty or submental liposuction). Chin implantation will not change the bite.

Anesthesia for chin implantation varies depending on patient preferences and on what other procedures it is combined with. Dr. Fechner has successfully performed chin implant procedures using local anesthesia only. For most patients though, sedation is preferable. General anesthesia (breathing tube placement with inhalation anesthetics) is never used.

At the conclusion of the procedure, a suture may be tied over a piece of gauze to secure the implant in place. This suture will be removed at the time of suture removal.

Button Style Chin Implant

This older generation chin implant can result in pointy and un-desired chin appearance.

Anatomical Chin Implant Placement

The anatomical shape allows the implant to follow the gentle curve of the chin and jawbone for smooth contours.

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