Fat Injection for Chin Enhancement (a.k.a. Fat Transfer or Fat Grafting)

Fat grafting refers to the injection of the patient’s own fat into regions of the face that benefit from volume enhancement. In Dr. Fechner’s practice, facial fat transfer represents a routine aspect in facial rejuvenation. It is frequently combined with face-lift, neck lift and eyelid lift surgery. In a fat transfer, the patient’s own fat is harvested with micro-liposuction from areas of abundance commonly including the lower stomach and hips.

Nice Chin Line

The youthful jaw and chin region has smooth contours with soft fullness.

Because facial fat grafting relies on the transferral of living fat cells into areas of void, the overall improvement lasts quite a long time, usually many years. Because we all lose facial volume around the chin area as part of aging, Dr. Fechner will routinely perform fat injections in this region as part of a facelift. Dr. Fechner uses Fat grafting (sometimes also referred to as lipostructure or lipo-injection) around the chin to smooth out and “polish” this area, rather than for pure augmentation. If greater chin projection is the goal or the chin needs to be made larger in general, a silicone-based chin implant is preferred, providing excellent structural improvement.

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