General Information about Cosmetic Chin Surgery

Enhancement of the chin continues to be one of the most important aspects for the overall facial balance. Patients trust their faces into the hands of Dr. Fechner because of his exclusive focus on aesthetic surgery of the face and neck.

Most procedures designed to make a weak chin stronger will improve the person’s appearance on profile with minimal to no changes to the look from the front. Because a small chin will allow the nose to appear large, chin augmentation is commonly performed in conjunction with cosmetic nasal surgery (rhinoplasty). In addition, a chin that is weak will be a hindrance for good neck definition. Therefore, chin surgery is frequently enhanced with liposuction of the neck or a necklift. But even without the addition of other aesthetic procedures, chin augmentation will balance the face by making the nose appear smaller and the neck more defined.

Because chin augmentation should be seen as a permanent facial enhancement, appropriate planning and accurate execution of the procedure are paramount. An implant that is just a couple of millimeters too large or off the center may look overdone or strange. As a relatively straight forward procedure for his patients Dr. Fechner understands the meticulous nature of chin surgery by demonstrating the potential benefits of ancillary procedures for a well-rounded facial improvement. If in doubt, Dr. Fechner prefers to combine a touch of conservatism paired with a keen eye for what looks right and normal. Although sometimes performed as a stand-alone surgery, in Dr. Fechner’s practice chin augmentation for most patients is performed in conjunction with other cosmetic procedures of the face and neck.

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