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Dr. Frank Frechner

Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Frank Fechner

As a cosmetic surgeon who focuses exclusively on enhancement of the face and neck, Dr. Fechner is sought after for his expertise in facial surgery. As a Harvard trained surgeon, Dr. Fechner has focused exclusively on surgery of the face and neck for the last 15 years. In addition to the rigorous five-year surgical residency training at the Boston-based Harvard teaching hospitals, Dr. Fechner completed a facial plastic surgery fellowship with some of New York City’s premiere plastic surgeons in his field. Although plastic surgery residents and fellows do not perform surgery on Dr. Fechner’s private patients, he continues to teach facial plastic surgery topics to trainees at Harvard in Boston and UMass in Worcester. Every year, Frank Fechner enjoys sharing his expertise as a lecturer at plastic surgery meetings nationally and internationally.

Because of this strong commitment to humanitarian work at home and abroad, Dr. Fechner traveled to many countries as part of his medical mission efforts. After working in many countries including South Africa, Russia, Ecuador and Vietnam, he decided to focus his efforts in Asia. For the last eight years he has traveled to Vietnam leading a team of American facial plastic surgeons.

“Before undergoing a cosmetic procedure it is very important that the patient and I find common ground and establish an aesthetic vision that we both find pleasing and natural-appearing,” says Frank Fechner, MD. “Once the desired goals are established, we can discuss how this can be best accomplished.” Dr. Fechner stresses the importance of a well-educated and informed patient prior to undergoing any cosmetic procedure of the face and neck. “Cosmetic chin surgery should not surprise patients post-operatively but rather provide what one desired all along.”

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