Chin enhancement can be performed using multiple different anesthesia options including local anesthesia only, sedation or general anesthesia. Every plastic surgeon has his preference for chin cosmetic surgery.

General Anesthesia

Many cosmetic surgeons like to undertake operations of the chin using general anesthesia which includes placement of a tube into the throat for ventilation of the lungs with help from the anesthesia respirator. In this technique, anesthetic gases are added, providing the quite deep anesthesia. With general anesthesia, surgery itself and pain are not remembered.


This is the favored technique employed by Dr. Fechner for chin plastic surgery. No tube is placed in the windpipe but breathing continues at the patient’s own rate. Sedative medications are administered which provide a deep relaxation and sense of well-being for the patient before one falls asleep. A local anesthesia solution is injected in the chin region, a process similar to what many people experience at the dentist with the difference that due to the tranquilizer, many have no recollection of the procedure.

Local Anesthesia

This method is comparable to a dental procedure where the area of work is numbed using local anesthetic injections into the chin region. After this initial aspect, no pain is felt by the patient. The patient is awake and alert, allowing him or her to closely follow the progress of the 30-minute operation. Dr. Fechner has safely performed chin implant procedures using local anesthesia only when specifically requested by the patient. A certain sense of inner calm from the patient’s side is necessary for the local anesthesia method to be well fitted. In general, Dr. Fechner recommends the sedation process in cosmetic surgery of the chin for best patient comfort.

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