Chin Reduction

Some people have rather prominent chins where “a size smaller” would benefit the overall appearance. If chin reduction is desired, three treatment options are available.

First, the soft tissue chin pad can be reduced through an under-the-chin incision. After removal of skin and underlying fat, the remaining soft tissues can be draped over the chin bone leading to decreased projection.

Chin Prominence

This famous TV host’s large and projecting chin could be surgically reduced. Chin prominence is often more bothersome to women than men.

Second, the chin bone can be reduced through a well-hidden incision underneath the chin, similar to the incision used for chin implantation. The bone removal can be performed using rasps or burrs. Dr. Fechner prefers the careful bone carving with a power burr. He ensures a smooth contour and symmetrical appearance of the chin afterwards. The chin bone to be removed is usually far away from teeth and other important structures.

Third, chin reduction can also be accomplished using bone cuts in the mode of a sliding genioplasty. As described previously for chin augmentation, the reverse direction can be taken and a large chin made smaller. Dr. Fechner only rarely finds reasons to perform a sliding genioplasty when reduced chin size is desired.

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